• The Pension Market is Changing

    Have you got all the facts?

    Before you make a decision regarding your personal pension savings, get all the facts you need by speaking to an independent financial advisor.


Why is independent advice important?

Your bank or building society may not be giving you the full picture.

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When should you start preparing?

Follow our retirement checklist for all the essential considerations.

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What are your options?

Plain-English guidance of annuities, income drawdown and more..

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How does pension reform affect you?

Get impartial, up-to-date advice on the latest changes.

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Retirement in numbers...

19 Years

The average Briton can expect to live for 19 years after retirement. Are you confident that your retirement savings will sustain for this time?

33 percent

An estimated 33 per cent of UK retirees fail to explore their options before accepting the default annuity rate offered by their existing pension provider.

£113.10 per week

The current maximum state pension you can expect to receive if you reach state pension age before 6 April 2016.

Who we are

My Pension Choices is run in association with the Financial Advisor Network. Our goal is to provide all UK retirees with access to the independent advice and support they need to make the right choices for their retirement.

The Financial Advisor Network only works with fully accredited, totally independent financial advisors. This means that any advice our members give is completely impartial, with no preference for any particular product, provider or service.


Our promise

When you use our service to connect with an independent financial advisor in your area, we guarantee the following:

  • FREE connection to a fully accredited independent financial advisor in your area
  • FREE initial consultation – to be conducted face to face or over the telephone
  • No hidden charges and no obligation to buy any product or service
  • Impartial, plain-English advice on all your retirement options
  • Personally tailored quotes based on whole market product comparisons.


Matthew is 65 and preparing to retire. His private pension savings amount to £80,000. He had assumed he would simply buy an annuity from his provider on retirement, but the recent pension reforms prompted him to seek professional guidance. After discussing his options with a local independent advisor, he realises that he is eligible for a considerably higher enhanced annuity rate from a rival provider.

However, he also has the option of keeping his savings invested in low-medium risk bonds to hopefully increase his income over time. He has additional income from property combined with his state pension, so decides to take this route and gradually draw from his pension savings via income drawdown as and when he requires additional funds.

In addition to potentially boosting his income, this deferred drawdown option also protects his pension savings from being lost if and when he dies – as would usually be the case with an annuity. As he is married with two young adult children, ensuring there is a pot of money left behind in this eventuality is a high priority for Matthew.