• The Pension Market is Changing

    Have you got all the facts?

    Before you make a decision regarding your personal pension savings, get all the facts you need by speaking to an financial advisor.


Why is financial advice important?

Your bank or building society may not be giving you the full picture.

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When should you start preparing?

Follow our retirement checklist for all the essential considerations.

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What are your options?

Plain-English guidance of annuities, income drawdown and more..

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How does pension reform affect you?

Get impartial, up-to-date advice on the latest changes.

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Retirement in numbers...

19 Years

The average Briton can expect to live for 19 years after retirement. Are you confident that your retirement savings will sustain for this time?

33 percent

An estimated 33 per cent of UK retirees fail to explore their options before accepting the default annuity rate offered by their existing pension provider.

£113.10 per week

The current maximum state pension you can expect to receive if you reach state pension age before 6 April 2016.